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Connecting with Philip McCracken

Marceil DeLacy and Philip McCracken

Marceil DeLacy shares a special rapport with Phil McCracken’s work and, in many ways, she’s both artistic heir and disciple. She cherishes her friendship with him and his guidance and in fact much of her wood comes from McCracken’s studio.

Recently, after examining several photos of her sculptures, Philip McCracken called her work “extraordinary” and “unique,” and exclaimed that “nobody was doing things like that.”  He said that she had “gone over the edge, past craft and into art,” and that, in his words, she had “arrived.” He referred to her sculpture as “finished,” meaning no further steps were needed. Later, after studying photos of her latest sculptures, Phil said, “Whatever Marceil does,  you can depend on the highest quality of craft. No question ever.”

In 2019, when one of McCracken’s own sculptures developed a crack and he was no longer able to work, he chose Marceil to do the repair, saying, “Marceil is a perfectionist. She is the best one to do it.”

Regarding Philip McCracken

A major American artist, whose wood sculptures and bronze casts are found in the collections of art museums, public institutions, and private collections across the country and abroad. His War God sculpture is on permanent display at the Seattle Art Museum. In the early 1950’s he had an apprenticeship with the great British sculptor Sir Henry Moore.

More about Philip McCracken’s War God sculpture in the Seattle Art Museum’s blog.

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