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Rainforest - a wall hanging sculpture of trees in blue-green epoxy

Wall Sculptures

These hanging sculptures represent a recent direction in my art. They are curated to be each their own singular presence on walls or panels in home, office, or exhibition hall. View Wall Sculptures >

crow seated on a rock carved wood sculpture

Birds and Animals

My lifelong affinity for trees and love of nature inspire most of my sculpted subjects. As human encroachment and climate change displace flora and fauna, art serves as a way of giving voice to nature. When I sculpt birds or animals of any kind, I strive to capture some aspect of that creature’s character—an action, a stillness, an anticipation, a celebration of life—rather than recreating the details of physical anatomy. Wood sculpture is a tactile art. The finished product invites one to touch it and not just remain an observer. View Flora & Fauna >

octopus and baby fry on a rock of coolibah wood

Marine Life

As a Pacific NW native with a father who was a professor of Ichthyology, I have always had a relationship with the sea and its inhabitants as well as a love for the birds that depend on oceans, seashores, and lakes for their food and habitat. These sculptures pay tribute not only to the creatures they depict but to the wood from which they are made. To me, the beauty of a finished sculpture is as much a product of the wood’s natural color and grain as the subject itself. View Marine Life>

paper bag web

Forms and Concepts

Among the sculptures in this category are several considered “trompe l’oeil” (French for “deceive the eye”). These were inspired by forms that surround our quotidian, commonplace world–inanimate, utilitarian objects that the imagination transforms into whimsical, artful companions. As in all my sculptures, simplicity of form is primary. View Forms and Concepts >

Pet rat looking over the edge of a wedge-shaped base

Sample of Sold and Previous Work

A few examples of sculptures sold to individuals, interior designers, and collectors. View Sample of Sold and Previous Work >