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The Island Gallery exhibition

During the month of March, The Island Gallery on Bainbridge Island will feature some of my work. The sculptures pictured here are available for purchase there.

February Exhibition at Smith and Vallee

Two of my new sculptures will be in the Flight of Fancy exhibition at the Smith and Vallee Gallery in Edison, WA, during the month of February 2018.


seated white dove wood sculpture

Grooming Heron

Heron standing with head turned backward

My “Lounge Lizard” on display at Do The Extraordinary

Lizard sculpture in retail window display

The photo above shows my “Lounge Lizard” sculpture in the window of a store “Do The Extraordinary” in the retail district of Seattle. They sell an unusual combination of clothing, jewelry, and motorcycles.


Featured on Collectors of Wood Art



Half-peeled banana carved in one piece


Collectors of Wood Art selected me as the Featured Artist on their website for the week of Sept 25 and also posted my Banana sculpture under “Just Finished.” This sculpture is for sale at the Brackenwood Gallery in Langley on Whidbey Island, WA.